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price 144 €

Public testing is for all who want to try the ski models for new season, enjoy the skiing with World Cup racers, participate in GS races or just take advantage from presentations and seminars.

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price 132 €

Only the regular participants of Czech Skitest, those interested in news about ski models, ski technique and methodics or in secrets from World Cup, those can become members of Skitest Friends.

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touring &
freeride test

price 30 €

Complementary program for Public test enriched by guided tours in freeride and ski touring provided by UIAGM experienced guides, including the testing of touring and freeride materials.

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price 145 €

This special program is only for racers who want to try or compare the new race skis. You can also test your current skis in GS with timing.

Czech Ski TEST 2019

Top annual winter event on the Austrian glacier Pitztal, current event Skitest 2019 is from 11 to 14 April 2019. Czech Skitest gives everyone a possibility to test the next season models of all best ski brands. We also offer all our participants, children as well as adults, multilingual ski instructors for free to teach you skiing or help you to improve your skiing technics! 

All the event is organized by professionals and experts from the world of skiing. You can meet up many famous both Czech and world skiers, compare your skills in giant slalom with them, take part in Freeride and Ski Touring Test or watch the official ProfiTEST known from medias. Enjoy your skiing with the right skis and in great atmosphere!

Special discounted prices increase with closer event!

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